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Bold Taste

From Farm To Cup ``So Bold and So Smooth`` So Authentically Kenyan, So HAKUNA MATATA

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Highest Quality

Taste our High Altitude Kenya Arabica coffee from Murage Nyaga Estate. Single farm, single subtypes sourced from GNM’s Own Family Estate. A Farmer’s Best Choice for a Quality Cup!

High Quality

Who we are

About GNM Kenyan Coffee

GNM Kenyan Coffee Imports LLC is a minority woman owned business American company. We are a Kenyan American by ethnicity and origins of the founder. The company was formed in Feb 2013.

The founder Gladys Murage has a saying “ I am because of Coffee”. “Farming allowed my parents who came from humble beginnings to put 9 children in Kenya through school and college for all 9.. I am the baby and now feel that I must innovate and complete the great work that my parents and siblings began”

GNM Kenyan Coffee was founded to find a better market for the family’s coffee.The returns from the Nairobi Coffee stock market were Underwhelming.GNM is both a farmer at Murage Nyaga Estate and also a passionate Specialty Coffee Roaster in Indianapolis USA.


  • Dark Roast
  • Ground Coffee
  • Medium Roast
  • Private Stock
  • Roasted coffee


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