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GNM Kenyan Coffee Imports LLC traces its roots back to the founder’s childhood and passion for coffee farming at her Kenyan childhood home, Murage Nyaga Estate. A privately held family trust limited company. A gift of love and hard labor passed on by two loving parents to their children. Per the founders legacy, Murage Nyaga Estate ownership will forever be passed on down to direct descendants of the founders, Mr and Mrs Janet and Dickson Murage Nyaga by birthright.


Murage Nyaga Estate is a gorgeous, picturesque equatorial farm, that is located in Kirinyaga County’s Mount Kenya Slopes, about 120 kilometers from Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. Located in Ngariama North, Karia Village, by Kandambara Creek; close to the origins of Nyamindi River. The estate sits at about 6300 feet above sea level, on the gentle southern slopes of Mount Kenya.
Murage Nyaga Estate has natural springs and creeks on its gentle slopes, and provides a spectacular view of the snow capped, 17,057 feet above sea level, Mount Kenya, which straddles The Equator, to its North. The Estate’s location is about 2 miles away from public lands of The Mount Kenya Forest Reserve. Murage Nyaga Estate sits on as high an altitude, as Kenyan Coffee can feasibly grow. The Estate, also comprises of a second farm nearby, located close to our mother’s maiden ancestral land; Githure.
Coffee, was first planted on Murage Nyaga Estate in 1956. Back then, Kenyan Arabica subtypes SL 28 and an insignificant number of Kent Trees had dominance on the farm. Our Dad, Dickson Murage Nyaga, a retired Civil Agricultural Officer, has since grafted some high altitude SL 28 varietals with the more drought and disease resistant, Ruiru 11 subtypes. Consequently today, Murage Nyaga Estate’s high altitude, sub varietal Arabica dominance consists mainly of: SL 28, Ruiru 11, grafted SL28/ Ruiru 11, and a few Kent trees.
What makes Murage Nyaga Estate Coffee So Special, that it is sought after, Internationally annually?


  1. High altitude, about 6300 feet above sea level; ideal for Kenya Arabica coffee. The Estate sits at the highest possible realistic altitude, to feasibly grow coffee in Kirinyaga County’s Mt Kenya slopes.
  2. Temperature is perfect for high altitude Kenya Arabica, on average about 19C ( 35F). This Comes in handy to sustain manual growth, ripening, harvesting, fermentation and natural drying of Murage Nyaga Estate coffee.
  3. Fertile well drained red loam volcanic soils at the Estate are nature’s perfect ingredient for Kenyan Coffee
  4. Rainfall is plenty at an average of 1000mm (35 Inches) in the 2 rainy seasons: March & October respectively, a month after which the crop ripens and peak manual harvesting begins in passes.
  5. Manual and expensive hand labor from seed to mill is evident in all stages of coffee farming at Murage Nyaga Estate.Most notable; the deliberate selective hand harvesting in separate rotational 4-5 passes per plant during harvesting.
  6. A rich unique, and one of a kind agronomy history: at Murage Nyaga Estate, we “walk the talk”! Strictly adherent to best farming practices developed and instilled by dad, Mr Dickson Murage Nyaga. A reknown veteran agricultural officer, a former civil servant, who spent his entire life teaching coffee farming to other farmers on behalf of the Kenyan Government until his retirement from civil service in 1988.
  7. A farmer’s best coffee: First, farmed at a near perfect natural setting for high altitude, Single Origin Kenya Arabica. Secondly, farmed by the farmer’s teacher himself, Mr Murage Nyaga. A legacy left behind for descendants to carry on.GNM was initially incepted in 2013 to find a better market in the USA via direct buy for Murage Nyaga Estate Coffee. Murage Nyaga’s medium roasted Kenyan cup:incredibly complex, bold, balanced, fragrant, flowery, fruity with black currant, citrus flavors, smooth lingering aroma, and a clean after taste.

We recommend that Murage Nyaga Estate coffee be made via drip or espresso allowing hot water 297F to 305F to come into contact with freshly ground coffee for at least 4 minutes. 2 Tablespoonful (30gm/cc/ml) of medium roasted ground Murage Nyaga Estate Coffee makes an excellent 4 cups @ 240ml of black coffee via drip per our preference. Adjust quantity up or down to suit your taste.
GNM explored packaging via single serve cup.Unfortunately, this method compromises the amazing flavor that is Murage Nyaga Estate Kenya Specialty coffee. Set backs were identified as: speed of brew 45 Sec versus 4 Min, and also in optimum water temperature being unmet.
GNM proudly stands behind Murage Nyaga Estate brand. Any products that do not meet our customer’s expectations, will be accepted for a return and refund. See our return policy at www.gnmkenyancoffee.com. Store in a dry dark place. A temperature controlled environment of about 65- 80 F.
GNM Kenyan Coffee Imports LLC, is deeply honored and humbled to welcome you to our PRIVATE STOCK. Taste our High Altitude Kenya Arabica coffee from Murage Nyaga Estate. Single farm, single subtypes sourced from GNM’s Own Family Estate. A Farmer’s Best Choice for a Quality Cup!
Note: Once this High End Private Stock, of Specialty Kenya Coffee runs out? It is gone until the next season:

  1. Murage Nyaga Estate Kenya AA beans or ground medium roasted.
  2. Murage Nyaga Estate Kenya AB beans or ground medium roasted.
  3. Murage Nyaga Estate Kenya Gourmet beans or ground medium roasted.
  4. Murage Nyaga Estate Kenya Mix beans or ground medium  roasted.Murage Nyaga Estate Kenya Espresso beans or ground dark roasted


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