Murage Nyaga Estate Kenya AA Ground Medium Roast: Private Stock


Single farm single subtypes ab, pb, c specialty kenyan medium roasted coffee beans. All sourced from GNM Kenyan Coffee own family farm : The Murage Nyaga Estate. As a medium roast expect a cup that is incredibly complex, bold, balanced, fragrant, flowery, fruity with black currant , citru flavors, smooth lingering aroma and a clean after taste. Coffee So Bold So Smooth So Hakuna Matata!

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GNM Kenyan Coffee Imports LLC, is deeply honored and humbled to welcome you to our PRIVATE STOCK. Taste our High Altitude Kenya Arabica coffee from Murage Nyaga Estate. Single farm, single subtypes sourced from GNM’s Own Family Estate. A Farmer’s Best Choice for a Quality Cup! Note: Once this High End Private Stock, of Specialty Kenya Coffee runs out? It is gone until the next season

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